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A person who:
(1) has a well-founded fear of persecution for reasons of race, religion, nationality, political opinion or membership of a particular social group;
(2) is outside the country he or she belongs to or normally resides in; and
(3) is unable or unwilling to return home for fear of persecution.

Refugees may include those fleeing from war or civil disturbance of any kind; a permutation is that of an ‘internally displaced’ person who moves within the borders of one country for the same reasons. The mortality rate of refugees is 60-fold greater than that of a similar non-displaced population; it is highest in children and is due to measles, diarrhoea-related illnesses, acute upper RTIs, malaria and is in part related to the virtually endemic protein-energy malnutrition and micronutrient deficiencies that characterise the refugee state; diarrhoea is the most common cause of death (36,000 children die/day of diarrhoea).

Refugees have been called the fourth world, and have included Afghans, Armenians, Bengalis, Biafrans, Bosnians, Cambodians, Chileans, Croats, Cubans, Czechoslovakians, Ethiopians, Hungarians, Iraqis, Laotians, Liberians, Palestinians, Russians, Rwandans, Serbs, Somalis, Vietnamese, and cross religious lines—Jews, Hindis, and Muslims Records.

In the UK, refugees are entitled to benefits.


A person fleeing danger or distress, esp. in times of war or political persecution.
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36) It is therefore necessary to examine the case law directly related to economic refugees in order to clarify the legal obligations of the state under Article 3 ECHR for the return to situations of economic, social and cultural rights violations.
The authorities did not want to face the accusation that they are impassive about the problems caused by Bulgarian economic refugees in Germany.
The majority of the "boat people" that are housed in detention camps in Australia are economic refugees or those fleeing generalized violence from Asia.
Word choice is also allowed to color events unnecessarily, as in "Refugee," when the United States is said to "violate international norms" by accepting political but not economic refugees, even though no such norms were established in either the phrase's context or--to this reviewer's knowledge--contemporary international affairs.
As a beneficiary of Christ's peace in my life, I see the lack of that peace for these immigrants as being an economic issue and that these people are economic refugees.
Refugee/Migrant classification Definition Economic Refugees Populations displaced by economic forces largely from processes of globalization, or infrastructure changes of same.
So much so that it has drawn economic refugees from all parts, and particularly so from Poland, to help maintain its boom town position.
But that term carries legal baggage of its own, given that many Haitian immigrants were considered to be economic refugees, not political refugees, in the 1980's and early '90's and were denied asylum on those grounds.
From the right that wants to label economic refugees as criminals and deport them, yet also wants cheap labor in homes, fields and factories, to liberals who love Hispanic people and want them to stay, but do not pay their maids, nannies, gardeners a living wage or any benefits.
When I set out to adapt 'The Odyssey,' I was thinking about political and economic refugees," says Iizuka, "people who have made their way to America to make lives for their children.

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