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in a situation in which there are no explicit costs, as in that case the two usages-full economic cost, and just implicit cost-are equivalent.
The funded counties have an estimated economic cost incidence of $152,327,609, or 24 percent of the state total, while their population represents 22 percent of the state total.
economic costs of an average roadway fatality at $977,000 and estimates the economic costs associated with a critically injured crash survivor at $1.
It attempts to show not only whether the government's revenues were sufficient to pay for all the services it delivered during the year, but also the gross and net economic costs of its major functions or activities.
Among those troubled economies, Indonesia is the most severely affected, facing an economic cost equivalent to 35% of its GDP as a result of the collapse of its banking system, the agency said.
Historically, some of the local phone companies have priced their services above anybody's measure of economic cost.
Much of the high economic cost associated with in vitro fertilization traces to the higher proportion of multiple births that occur among treated couples, Neumann and his collaborators calculate.
Brimmer noted in a recent Economic Perspectives column (see "The Economic Cost Of Discrimination," November 1993), racial bias - primarily through the denial of equitable educational and employment opportunities to blacks - deprived the American economy of about $215 billion in 1991.
The economic cost of providing owners' labor is equivalent to the salary they could earn working for someone else.
With increasing rate of COPD patients, the economic cost is also increasing, which leads to the highest economic cost out of all the lung diseases in United States.
We are very excited about the ALLEVYN Life product and the impact it can have on reducing the human and economic cost of wounds.
The government should gradually increase the price of natural gas to equate it to the economic cost of natural gas delivered to the customers," the Dawn quoted the contractor's report, as saying.

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