homeless person

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homeless person

an individual who has no permanent home, haven, or domicile. Such individuals usually are indigent and depend on charity or public assistance for temporary lodging and medical care. An estimated 30% of homeless persons suffer from some type of mental disorder. See also indigence.

home·less per·son

(hōm'lĕs pĕr'sŏn)
A colloquial term describing a person of no fixed residence; such people generally have little access to health care and are often beset with multiple psychological, physical, and addictive disorders. Their lack of mailing address generally makes follow-up difficult, so those with chronic illnesses remain sick, get sicker, and in the case of those with infectious diseases (e.g., TB) represent a continuing threat to others.
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However, during the past three years, the economic assistance has come down to only $1.
In his talks with German officials, Arman noted Sudan's frantic efforts to persuade Western countries to relieve its debt, saying that any economic assistance to Sudan must be conditioned on the government's respect of human rights and ending the war in the two states.
The largest category of economic assistance is the Economic Support Fund (ESF).
Basing his analysis on opinion polling of citizens of Northern Ireland and the viewpoints of community group leaders whose projects received funding, funding-agency civil servants, and development officers, he considers the impact of projects intended to promote cross-community contact (as well as within single-identity communities), focusing on the issues of public awareness of external economic assistance, perceived equity of distribution and effectiveness in building sustainable economic development, community capacity building, peace-building and reconciliation, and the impact of aid in mitigating political violence.
The minister for finance said the United States economic assistance to Pakistan played a very important role in the development of the national economy.
They concluded that Yemen needed a broad approach to its problems of militancy that included a crackdown on al-Qaeda, but also development and economic assistance.
5 billion in economic assistance to Pakistan every year for the next five years,'' he said.
Awad said it was a unilateral decision by the United States to cut economic assistance to Egypt from $413 million to $200 million as a result of Egypt's refusal to adhere to certain conditions attached to the aid.
states from 1982-2000 finds that benefits for pregnant women and mothers, employment, economic assistance to low-income families, quality child care for working mothers, and removal of state caps on the number of children eligible for economic assistance in low-income families have reduced abortions.
US supplements economic assistance Minister of Planning and International Cooperation Suhair Al-Ali said at a joint press conference with US ambassador David Hale that Jordan will receive an extra $200 million in economic assistance and $50 million in military assistance for 2008.
Cheryl Sparkman, director of the Division of Economic Assistance at the Mississippi Department of Human Services, was chosen as one of 50 Top Businesswomen in Mississippi for 2007.

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