homeless person

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homeless person

an individual who has no permanent home, haven, or domicile. Such individuals usually are indigent and depend on charity or public assistance for temporary lodging and medical care. An estimated 30% of homeless persons suffer from some type of mental disorder. See also indigence.

home·less per·son

(hōm'lĕs pĕr'sŏn)
A colloquial term describing a person of no fixed residence; such people generally have little access to health care and are often beset with multiple psychological, physical, and addictive disorders. Their lack of mailing address generally makes follow-up difficult, so those with chronic illnesses remain sick, get sicker, and in the case of those with infectious diseases (e.g., TB) represent a continuing threat to others.
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The minister for finance said the United States economic assistance to Pakistan played a very important role in the development of the national economy.
Egypt refuses not just from the United States but from any other international partner, to have economic assistance tied to any conditions, and this is a clear Egyptian position," he said.
Ecuador has lost more than $17 million in military training and is scheduled to lose $7 million in economic assistance in the current fiscal year, including money for democracy-building and fighting corruption.
The way of offering bold economic assistance to settle the issue of abductees is under consideration,'' Lee was quoted as saying.
Initial depositors include other credit unions, economic assistance groups and Transit Systems Inc.
In Brazil, a country plagued by problems of poverty and development, the policies of Al Qaeda arouse far less interest than those of the International Monetary Fund, which provides struggling countries with vital economic assistance, but usually forces them to undertake painful economic reforms as well.
Singapore Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong said Thursday more generosity in Japan's cooperation with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) could have made its economic assistance to the region more effective, a Japanese official said.
2 billion a year in military and economic assistance.
The International Monetary Fund and other financial institutions froze economic assistance in 2000 after accusing the government of former President Daniel arap Moi of bad governance and fiscal indiscipline.
From Bono's perspective, the trip was an opportunity to persuade the Bush Administration that developing nations both need and deserve economic assistance and that investing in them can actually make the world a better place.
Women coming to the center will receive educational and vocational help, training in parenting skills, and help with transition to housing, as well as spiritual and economic assistance, reports the Milwaukee Catholic Herald.

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