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GRA is a national non-profit organization that exists to help the restaurant industry achieve ecological sustainability.
Collaborations like this project demonstrate the value and impact of applying high- productivity computing power to solve complex environmental issues -- ecological sustainability in this case," said Christopher Stone, president and CEO of SiCortex, maker of the most energy-efficient computers.
The book also discusses ideas for sustainable plant and animal agriculture for animal welfare, with chapters on areas such as food safety issues related to animal health and welfare, animal welfare in the context of ecological sustainability, livestock production and the human food supply, and improving the biological efficiency of animals through genetics and biotechnology.
The cross-disciplinary group discusses and compares policy evaluation approaches related to social and ecological sustainability from a research perspective, as well as with regards to improving and applying evaluation methods and procedures in practice and improving feedback processes between evaluation and policy development.
Ecological sustainability therefore requires a significant shift in perspective across the whole society, especially among decision makers and opinion leaders.
the holistic approach of the Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand to ecological sustainability.
The concept of environmental sustainability, Robert Goodland; Ecological sustainability as a conservation concept, J.
The strength of the government's total commitment to the environment will, therefore, be judged by the extent to which strong and effective environmental policies and related programs are implemented over the next three years, and the extent to which ecological sustainability is integrated into its broader policy agenda.
Ecological sustainability, I should think, is desirable by all.
David Cromwell examines how and why the forces of globalisation are opposing ecological sustainability, human rights and social justice -- and draws on examples from around the world to show what we can do to reverse the process.
Their gardening and greening projects sow the seeds of social justice, community, economic development, and ecological sustainability.
It emphasizes ecological sustainability as a guiding principle, and argues that economic sustainability will depend on ecological sustainability--that is, the diverse economic activities that are reliant on the oceans, from fishing to recreation, will only be able to survive over the long haul if oceans are protected ecologically.

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