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(ĕk′əlz), Sir John Carew 1903-1997.
Australian physiologist. He shared a 1963 Nobel Prize for research on the action of nerve impulses.
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Structural forces--many of them essentially bureaucratic--underlying such tendency to diffuseness are analyzed in Eccles, "Logistics," pp.
GOED's staff was well-motivated and skilled when Eccles took charge, and "we were able to move forward with decisiveness despite a difficult economy," he says.
WEST Park having recently won the Red Bull NW Senior Colts league D and losing only one game in the season, added the prestigious Lancashire Cup to their trophy haul with a fine victory over league runners-up Eccles.
British Darts Organisation player Eccles, of Northgate, Hartlepool, has won 13 tournaments in his 14-year career.
While self concept of ability, perceived task difficulty, interpretations of one's performance, attributions for success and failure, gender-role stereotypes all influence children's expectations and task value, Eccles and her colleagues propose that parents are among the most influential contributors because they both provide and interpret experience for their children (Fredricks & Eccles, 2004)
Research shows that early adolescents' self-esteem is lowest immediately after the transition into junior high school in seventh grade, but it increases during students' seventh-grade year (Wigfield, Eccles, Mac Iver, Reuman, & Midgley, 1991).
Lady Eccles assembled her collection over 60 years at Four Oaks Farm in Somerville, New Jersey.
GP Emad Al-Timimi, 45, had been determined to call his sister Khawla Eccles, a lecturer in Cardiff, to reassure her that he and her 81-year-old father Sadik were safe.
However the patient reader will find some fascinating glimpses into the arcane world of wealthy American book collectors and an introduction to some of the useful academic work that Hyde Eccles has embarked on in her long career.
Eccles (president of Advisory Capital Partners) ask us to imagine a time 10 years from now, when (they hope) all publicly listed companies will issue fully transparent financial statements.
Eccles says he found striking the companies' point of view, expressed in the survey, that Reg FD was really working pretty well.
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