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Hermann, German, 1850-1909. See: Ebbinghaus test.
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EBBINGHAUS also assessed participants using several other memory and cognition tests, had patients complete an end-of-study survey of their perceptions of their mental function, and questioned participating physicians about patients' mental performance.
Karin Windaus-Walser, Lerke Gravenhorst, Charlotte Kohn-Ley, Angelika Ebbinghaus and a few others who publicly opposed the perpetrator-victim-reversal were by no means the dominant voices among the feminists--andjust like Baader and Czollek they were fed up at some point.
The debate about the exact year of decline continues but there is a broad consensus amongst scholars of industrial relations that unionization has been on the decline since late 80s around the world (Checchi & Visser, 2005; Ebbinghaus & Visser, 1999; Visser, 2003; Western, 1997).
A similar conclusion is reached by Ebbinghaus and Kittel (2005) who focus on wage coordination.
Ebbinghaus and Hofacker (2013) distinguished three types of determinants influencing the decisions of individuals regarding the timing of retirement: push factors, pull factors and retention factors.
El efecto de posicion serial, descubierto por Ebbinghaus (1885), es el clasico indisputable.
1) Reinhard Brandt relata que escribio su libro Eigentumstheorien von Grotius bis Kant motivado por la interpretacion--a su entender, erronea--de Julius Ebbinghaus y de sus seguidores (Georg Geismann, Dieter Huning, Hariolf Oberer), la cual niega el vinculo del derecho publico con el derecho privado, permaneciendo por completo en la esfera del derecho estatal.
Joe Larragy and Jacqueline Ashmore "Ireland", (2000) in The Societies of Europe: Trade Unions in Western Europe Since 1945, compiled by Bernard Ebbinghaus and Jelle Visser, edited by: Peter Flora, Franz, Kraus and Franz Rothenbacher, Macmillan
a formal state," a definition that he acknowledges is vague, and, by 1905, German psychologist Hermann Ebbinghaus had conceded that "attention is a real embarrassment to psychology.
Ebbinghaus, 1885/1913; Loftus, Miller, & Burns, 1978) and repeated questioning about the event (Roediger, Jacoby, & McDermott, 1996).
Si bien esta es una debilidad recurrente en estudios de economia politica comparada (ver Ebbinghaus, 1998), no dejan de tener importancia para comprender las diferencias de trayectorias incluso al interior de cada caso.