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Whoever turns out at New Road next week though, Worcester, still occupying the third of the promotion places, but with less games left to play than their rivals, desperately need to turn the ebbing tide of a once promising season.
The Starry Smooth Hound was tempted by hermit crab bait on an ebbing tide in the Solway Firth.
Loyal ballet supporters had largely receded, like an ebbing tide, to the very back of the amphitheater.
We picked up the prisoners, out of gas and at the mercy of the ebbing tide.
With a high, ebbing tide the crew of the Cullercoats lifeboat were forced to dive into the icy North Sea and swim the last 40ft, all the while dragging a first aid kit, just to get to the shore.
The craft had developed a rudder fault and the pair had tried to paddle the craft back to the shore but had found themselves making little headway against the ebbing tide.
It's inevitable that any party in power for a number of years runs into difficulties, but many of Labour's current difficulties can be attributed to errors of judgment rather than the ebbing tide of political popularity.
Peter Corker from Baghilt won with nine fish consisting of one sole, five flounders and three eels, all caught on the ebbing tide on peeler crab.
We took him aboard, with his small suitcase, and sailed off on an ebbing tide, while he told us how he had never seen anything like this, he had been to Stratford at Christmas and he had been walking by the river then, not in it, and how he had always ad mired this about the British, they knew the way to get wet with stoicism.