Eating for Two

A popular term referring to the eating habits of a pregnant woman, who is said to be eating for 2 people
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It's a miracle because not only did Grouse escape the flooding, he was hit by a car and was very thin from not eating for two weeks.
EATING for two healthily can help prevent birth defects, a study has shown.
Ms Ursell declared the report "good news: it may help dieticians to drum into pregnant women that eating for two is a myth.
Eating for two is certainly not recommended if you want your prepregnancy figure back, Ruth.
Presumably now she's eating for two she can push the boat out and have the whole one.
With the excuse of eating for two, I went for the Chef's Plate which was packed with tofu cake (burger), millet, seaweed, sauerkraut, stewed vegetables, lentils, and a creative salad of lettuce, beets, cucumber, mushroom, nuts, olives, and wedges of lemon and orange.
Given that the pregnant star is eating for two now, it may not be too long before we see some more of her - and her builder's bum.
When I started eating huge amounts my co-presenter Eamonn Holmes kept asking me if I was eating for two.
The twins are being kept close to mum so she gets used to the idea of eating for two.