Eating for Two

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A popular term referring to the eating habits of a pregnant woman, who is said to be eating for 2 people
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by | "They didn't eat for two days, as if they were in a state of shock.
It is best not to eat for two hours before running, which can be difficult if you want to train after a long day of work.
They throw away the diet book and the scales, don't care how much they eat, and don't realise that you don't need to eat for two.
THE common belief that pregnant women can eat for two has been scotched by research suggesting dieting during pregnancy can be beneficial.
He wakes up at around 9st and can easily get down to 8st 7lb with a bit less food as he does tend to eat for two.
The plucky Scot, who had been unable to eat for two days, rose from his sickbed to beat fellow countryman Alan McManus 5-0.
I read with concern the article regarding Beverley White - a single parent who cannot afford to eat for two days a week.
A: While every calorie you eat needs to be nutrient-rich to nourish both you and your baby throughout pregnancy, it's not necessary to eat for two.
There was plenty to eat for two, and the bill came to only $10.