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A gene on chromosome 6p21.3 that encodes a receptor tyrosine kinase belonging to the subfamily homologous to Dictyostelium discoideum protein discoidin (Discoidin Domain-containing Receptor); it is expressed only in epithelial cells (kidney, lung, GI tract, brain) and involved in cell–cell interactions and recognition.

Molecular pathology
DDR1 is overexpressed in various tumours.


Abbrev. for Diploma in Diagnostic Radiology.
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After the war this Nazi indoctrination could not be purged in East Germany because the regime there had no moral authority or political legitimacy.
Kohl said, ''The spirit of freedom now reigns all over Europe -- Poland, Hungary and now, East Germany.
President John F Kennedy looking across the Berlin Wall into East Germany <Bduring his famous visit on June 26, 1963.
Courts in the former East Germany convicted relatively few top communist officials for their abuses, partly because of difficulties gathering evidence that could hold up.
Investigations concerning forced labor in the former East Germany are ongoing.
I didn't grow up in East Germany and didn't know how it felt to always be on guard like that, to always be mistrustful of other people.
The modernity of East Germany was also a result of the state's deep commitment to cultivating "rational" values, desires, and behaviors.
The popularity of the folkmusic show has its roots in East Germany--it represents a cultural tradition in the East that didn't disappear when communist East Germany collapsed," says Michael Haller, a media professor at the U.
August 1961: East Germany builds a 96-mile wall to prevent its citizens fleeing to West Berlin.
The opening of the Berlin Wallwas preceded by a series of momentous events in East Germany.
It describes the conspicuous activities of the former interior state police in the former East Germany named Stasi.
Amount of money the German government spent modernizing East Germany between 2006-2008: 60 billion dollars.

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