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East Friesian, East Friesland

marsh-type dairy sheep, polled, with a woolless rat-tail.
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East Friesian or East Friesland dairy sheep. By permission from Sambraus HH, Livestock Breeds, Mosby, 1992
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Contract notice for Implementation of an external regional management in accordance with the pattern performance profile "Regional Management" of the Lower Saxony Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection (as of 05/2015) for the ILE region Middle East Frisia.
Amalia Elisabeth, however, from exile in East Frisia, took advantage of military victories by her army in Westphalia and the Rhineland to win support from the French (who coveted this region), and promises of huge financial support, to make Vienna nervous enough to eventually compromise on nearly all of its demands for Hesse-Cassel.
I'd arrived that morning with the intention of writing an article for a travel magazine about this North Sea region the Germans call East Frisia, but before I even set foot on the island, while still in Norddeich, I realized that not even embellishment and deceit--invaluable tools of the travel writing trade--could make what I'd seen the previous day seem attractive: towns that all looked the same, and even had similar names, straight from a story by Poe or Lovecraft--Wiesmoor, Neermoor; Hooksiel, Harlesiel, Bensersiel; Eilsum, Pewsum, Wybelsum--they sounded like places where only the worst could happen; even the stores were all the same, un reasonably sized, the people bitter and hostile.
They compared the Krummhorn region of East Frisia (Germany), which was a densely populated area with little space for demographic development, and the growing Canadian settlements in Quebec.
One of a Lasco's first professional stops was as Superintendent in East Frisia, and he was later connected to Emden through the refugee community that settled there.
These revival centers were not only located in certain regions of the Netherlands, but also in the German border countries of East Frisia, Bentheim, and the Lower Rhineland, which were closely connected with the Dutch Republic in culture and confession.
NordergrE-nde will be built 16 km off the coast of East Frisia and 14 km east of the island of Wangerooge.
In 1500 Emden was an inconspicuous town under the political tutelage of the counts of East Frisia.
Instead of the 60 cities covered to date, Postbus will then reach 120 cities and towns as well as other attractive vacation and leisure destinations from East Frisia to the Mecklenburg Lake District and Lake Tegernsee.