East Coast fever

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East Coast fever

a disease of cattle caused by theileriaparva and transmitted by the tick rhipicephalusappendiculatus. Other ticks are known to be capable of transmitting the infection. Resident and zebu cattle are resistant to infection. Clinical signs in susceptible animals are high fever, lymphadenopathy, nasal discharge, lacrimation, diarrhea and dysentery. The mortality rate is high.

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Laying the groundwork for an East Coast fever vaccine
Developing a vaccine that protects cattle against East Coast fever (ECF), a devastating disease in eastern and central Africa, is a team effort for scientists at ILRI and ARS's Animal Disease Research Unit (ADRU) in Pullman, Washington.
Jonglei State has the highest level of East Coast Fever, a brown tick-borne disease that appeared in 2008.
The campaign, which took place at a cattle camp, located about 3KM west of the county headquarters mainly aimed at eradicating the deadly black quarter, hemorrhagic septicemia and East Coast Fever diseases.
Many cattle keepers from Bor South, comprising of Kolnyang, Anyidi and Makuach payam, have moved into Mundari land to avoid the deadly cattle disease, East Coast Fever, that has been killing cattle in Bor County since it appeared in April 2008.
By John Actually July 18, 2011 (BOR) - East Coast Fever, which broke out in April 2008, continues to kill cattle in large numbers in Jonglei, forcing the cattle keepers to flee to Central Equatoria and Lakes states from June-to-July this year, Sudan Tribune has learned.

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