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Rudolf, German ophthalmologist, 1833-1897. See: Berlin edema.
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The second subplot involved timing: The East Berlin concert took place just weeks after Bloody Sunday in Selma, Alabama.
You had to spend the East German Marks before you left East Berlin and show receipts from East German shops to the border guard as you left to prove you had spent all your West German money.
It was huge, as high as a threestory building, at the back of what used to be a noman's land, as it was a death strip on the borders of East Berlin.
Birgit Cristaudo, a nurse who lived in East Berlin, remembers the moment vividly: "I was watching television," she says, "And suddenly the announcer proclaimed that the Wall was open, repeating it again and again.
Complicating matters, thousands of Germans in East Berlin were fleeing to West Berlin and freedom, which so angered Soviet leader Josef Stalin that he decided to bring West Berlin under Soviet control.
Hedwig was born a boy in East Berlin in the Cold War and at 26 he meets an American GI called Luther.
For the final day of our tour in Berlin, we were going to pass through Checkpoint Charlie and spend most of the day in Communist controlled East Berlin.
Tucked in a bunker-like space in East Berlin, the DDR is notable for one other achievement: in town, it is privately owned.
DECADES after three Israeli Mossad agents were hailed as heroes following the execution of a Nazi war criminal in East Berlin, a man emerges in the Ukraine claiming to be their supposedly dead target.
But one of members' biggest talking points of their history is when in 1990 they became the first western band to pass through Checkpoint Charlie and play in East Berlin without a visa.
has signed a long term lease at 99 Clark Drive, East Berlin, CT.
For example, in the film, an East Berlin mail truck has "DDR Post" written on its side, but there simply was no DDR Post; the mail service that operated in East Berlin in the 1960s was called "Deutsche Post.

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