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Rudolf, German ophthalmologist, 1833-1897. See: Berlin edema.
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The trip gave the students a picture of the prosperous West Berliners contrasted with the grim lives of those in communist East Berlin.
Use the article to compare life in East Berlin with life in West Berlin while the Wall was intact.
During the summer of 1961, over 1000 refugees a day left from East Berlin to West Berlin.
It sounds drastic, but there were a lot ' of people desperate to escape East Berlin who risked their lives for the chance of freedom
FLOATING TO FREEDOM: A balloon used in a successful escape from East Berlin
That night Shrug went on stage at the Knaack club in East Berlin and became the first western band to play on "the other side of the wall" without a visa.
While the West has always burned the midnight oil, the old run-down buildings of East Berlin are being re-opened as ultra-modern bars, restaurant and clubs.
Merkel, who was working as a scientific researcher in East Berlin 20 years ago, has called the fall of the Wall "the happiest day in recent Germany history".
They smuggled Blake into a camper van and took him to East Berlin.
I bought my apartment on the advice of a West Berlin friend who made East Berlin sound like it was somewhere in Poland," said Paul Kildea, a London-based classical music conductor.
During the Cold War, Berlin was a divided city creating a problem for the subway system, which ran under the now defunct Wall into East Berlin and then curved back into the Western sector.

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