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A popular term for a person whose circadian period is shorter than 24 hours, who wakes up well past his/her peak sleepiness phase
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In respect of each Series of Notes, subject to the fulfilment of the Settlement Conditions, only Noteholders who submit or deliver, or arrange to have delivered on their behalf, valid and unrevoked Voting Instructions in favour of the relevant Extraordinary Resolution to the Tabulation Agent, on or prior to the Earlybird Consent Expiration Date shall be eligible to receive the Earlybird Consent Fee.
A pioneer in venture capital, Earlybird was founded in 1997 and has raised in excess of $ 800 million to date spread over four funds that have invested in over 100 small to medium early-stage technology based entities across Europe and the Middle East.
EarlyBird Power is a Milton-based energy market expert that provides energy management and sustainability solutions to commercial, municipal and industrial clients, helping them to save money and "go green.
EarlyBird is investigating the factors in modern day childhood that are leading to record levels of obesity and the current epidemics of diabetes and heart disease in the developed world.
The earlybird ticket release will give music fans the opportunity to get tickets at 2011 prices.
EarlyBird Check-In, priced at USD10 each way, gives customers the convenience of automatic flight check-in.
EarlyBird is based at the Peninsula Medical School in Plymouth, UK, and has been observing in detail a cohort of city school children for the past 11 years.
SKI lovers can see what's available next year, and grab earlybird offers, with the 2005/06 Snow Preview brochure from Virgin Holidays (tel: 0871 222 0308 ).
You forgot to register before the earlybird cut-off date?
The financing round was supported by Austria Wirtschaftsservice (aws) and German venture capital investor SHS Gesellschaft fur Beteiligungsmanagement as well as the existing investors Earlybird and Delta Partners.
The collection's four "Instagram" themes range in style from chic to fashionable "old-school" and include INKWELL, EARLYBIRD, LO-FI and BRANNAN.