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See Photodocumentation.


n the process of making images on a chemically sensitive plate or film, using the energy of light or other radiant source.
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Whereas the photographers of what Benjamin terms the "epoch of decline" ("Verfallsepoche") attempt unsuccessfully to recapture the aura of early photography through artificial means, the defining characteristic of Atget's images, Benjamin emphasizes, lies in their striking emptiness.
Drawn From Light: Early Photography and the Indian Sub- Continent' is on till Sep 30, at Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, Twin Galleries, C.
This non-thematic issue completes the annual cycle of four magazines, two of which were devoted to Early Photography and Cinema.
For Batchen, early photography is the collective product of European and American cultural activity in the decades before the late 1830s.
Included essays explore, for instance, the struggle of early photography to be regarded as a legitimate form of documentation, the competitive tension between photographic culture and literary culture, the democratization of visual information that mass production of cameras enabled, and the resulting rise of what has been called "ocularcentrism" or the privileging of a "modern visual culture" in Western societies (p.
And while early photography was necessarily "posed" due to technical constraints, it had the ability to present people warts and all--or rather, it lacked the ability to conceal these realities.
In the printed commentary in Missions-Blatt about his early photography, Jannasch remarks that the Inuit "were burned so dark brown from the sun that they would appear in the photograph as Negroes, which, however, is incorrect.
This international fair dedicated exclusively to photography will present major works of early photography and photojournalism, as well as modern and contemporary art photography from more than 100 galleries.
The first, which runs to the end of the month, is an exhibition entitled Drawing with Light which tells the story of early photography and provides a chance to see some of ironmaster Robert Thompson Crawshay's original glass plates and photographs.
During March, Cyfarthfa will present Drawing With Light - the story of early photography.
Yet, some conclusions seem forced: explaining the popularity of early photography in terms of the measurement of the subject's character ignores the more obvious fact that people simply cherished a means by which they could accurately capture and keep the image of a loved one.

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