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See Photodocumentation.


n the process of making images on a chemically sensitive plate or film, using the energy of light or other radiant source.
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I have long been an advocate for the study of Early Photography and the integration of such into genealogical pursuits.
This couple has been active in many capacities with the UELAC for many years, but the subject of this day's talk was Loyalist Sources, and Early Photography.
Their reassessment recalls Lady Hawarden's photographs, which emerged from the vaults of the V&A at the end of the 1980s, were rediscovered, misunderstood (no, they are not documents of a submerged lesbian culture, but merely tableaux modelled by the photographer's readily available daughters and their friends), labelled 'women's art' and quickly elevated to the status of major achievements in early photography.
The von Brandis albums reflect a turning point in modern Russian history and are an exquisite example of early photography, the likes of which might never again be seen on the market.
This technique of using early photography and firing the image onto a plate was very difficult and very expensive.
Last spring I wrote an extensive article on Early Photography.
Celebrity may have been, in part, created by early photography and by Nadar as one of its savviest proponents, but it became an entirely different thing because of movies and television.
Although the May to December romance is a mite unbelievable, the film is witty, surprisingly erotic and fascinating in its look at early photography and Jewish life in Victorian London.
Examples of early photography include prints by William Henry Fox Talbot and this portrait of the poet and author Wilfred Scawen Blunt (left), taken by Lady Mary Alice Kerr c.
The story encompasses intriguing details about spiritualism, early photography, and nineteenth-century race relations.

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