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Dean, U.S. surgeon, 1924-1989. See: Warren shunt.
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87) Katcher, Earl Warren, 141; White, Earl Warren, 71.
Roosevelt also campaigned for her son James, whose gubernatorial campaign against Earl Warren was a liability for all Democrats running in the state.
Earl Warren was also the biographer's most difficult challenge.
In 1955, Chief Justice Earl Warren ordered lower courts to tell states and school districts to admit students "to public schools on a racially nondiscriminatory basis with all deliberate speed.
The senior White House official said it would be patterned after the Warren Commission, so named for its chairman Earl Warren, a former chief justice of the Supreme Court, which led a 10-month investigation that concluded in 1964 that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in killing President John F Kennedy.
Supreme Court, headed by Chief Justice William Rehnquist for 15 years, has gone against many of the teachings of the liberal Earl Warren court.
Say, with Our Lord, that that which is Caesar's should be rendered unto Caesar and that which is God's must be rendered unto Him, and you are accused of not loving [liberal Supreme Court Chief Justice] Earl Warren.
He believed that several decades of Supreme Court rulings under Chief Justices Earl Warren and Warren Burger (as well as congressional action during those same years) had inappropriately shifted power from the states to the federal government, and expanded the welfare state and individual rights.
When Kennedy named White to the court, Chief Justice Earl Warren had a solid liberal majority.
Eisenhower's victory in 1952 only offered more of the same: He set up the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare and appointed Earl Warren to the Supreme Court.
The columnist said voting Republican is no assurance of conservative policies or morality, noting that Earl Warren and other liberal Supreme Court justices were appointed by GOP presidents.
Chief Justice Earl Warren gave the keynote address at the dedication.