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A horizontal piercing through the bridge of the nose
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Earl has not fought since his spectacular defeat to Aussie Michael Katsides in February, one of the most exciting fights ever seen in a British ring, but he represents another big step-up for ambitious Khan.
But the US National Hurricane Center said it was too early to say which part of the US eastern coast might be affected by Earl, the second major hurricane of the 2010 Atlantic season.
Getting to know Earl and his work in depth has been enlightening and captivating.
Fresh from starring with Leonardo DiCaprio in Inception, Helen Mirren in The Queen and Nicole Kidman and Sean Penn in The Interpreter, Kenilworth-based Earl has reminded his agent he is itching to get before the cameras again.
The suggestion has been fuelled by claims of a new sighting of Pippa at Earl George's family hunt at the castle.
We will be able to offer classic Earl Grey indefinitely as it is sold in Russia where they have similar tastes in tea to the UK-they drink a lot of strong black tea," said Jon Jenkins, Twinings general manager for the UK and Ireland.
The 13th Earl of Derby had a lifelong passion for natural history and created his own menagerie in the mid 19th century which contained, at its peak, 318 species of birds and 94 species of mammals.
The plaintiffs provide detailed allegations regarding Earl and MASL in a 42-page complaint, which is available online along with other information about the case at https://hkm.
Earl became a celebrity in absentia, a profoundly new phenomenon and a strange byproduct of internet fame.
Leaving court the earl, 60, of Savernake Estate said: "I am delighted and relieved.
The court rejected Mr Moore's version of events, during which he described the Earl as being "like a man possessed".