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enlargement of the vestibular aqueduct



An inner ear malformation associated with sensorineural hearing loss, esp. in patients with Pendred syndrome.

ethyl vinyl acetate

; EVA medium- or hard-density closed cell foam, used in manufacture of casted orthoses, to form forefoot/rearfoot wedges, or provide medial longitudinal arch support when added to preformed insoles


equine viral arteritis.
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It was interesting to observe that the HRR of HDPE/EVA had two peaks, and the possible reason for this might be that the degradation of EVA and HDPE phase occurs at different temperatures.
Specifically, we wanted to "know if the 26 companies that had adopted EVA in 1995 were still using it, the primary uses for which they were using the measure and how successful they believed EVA had been in achieving their objectives.
TAINAN, Taiwan -- National Cheng Kung University (NCKU), Tainan, Taiwan, signed an agreement with EVA Airways Corporation (EVA Air), a Taiwan-based international airline, recently, pledging to offer internships and set up a program called Civil Aviation Engineering Program for university students to get hands-on training.
Why risk the uncertainty of the new EVA incentives if the CEO, who had started the experiment, was soon to leave?
Indeed, Fortune magazine -- in a 1993 cover story -- described EVA as "today's hottest financial idea and getting hotter.
More than a mere metric, EVA is a whole philosophy of managing a business, combined with an incentive system mat pays people to deliver economic value and penalizes them when they don't.
As defined by Stern Stewart Management Services of New York City, EVA is the difference between a company's net operating income after taxes and its cost of capital of both equity and debt (Stern Stewart, 1993).
It is a summary of test results obtained from EP elastomers (EPM and EPDM), EVA, EVM and CPE.