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Make no mistake, a decision to ignore an important EU directive together with unequivocal ministerial advice is a "policy decision" that our councillors should have made having been provided with clear unprejudiced advice from council officers, and is not a "technical issue" for unelected Council employees to make.
Even if the EU policies are not in line with the domestic (policy) ideology, implementation of EU Directives is regularly in time and proper.
We at EML have been aware of the EU directive for some time and have been considering the need for sustainability in products as well as recycling opportunities in store, culminating in the recent addition of a recycling lid to our Pro-bin.
The EU directive was prompted by new rules for all types of infant formula after scientific advice.
Recycling, though not yet widely used in E/E products, is one potential solution to recent EU directives on end-of-life recovery.
The EU directive on RoHS is just part of an ever-increasing push for more environmentally sound manufacturing policies.
The EU directive requires electronics manufacturers to significantly reduce lead and other selected content from their products by August 2006.
One example of over-elaboration is an EU directive on the labelling of air conditioners where 2,409 words became 7,504 words when it became law in the UK.
warned that lives could be put at risk by the delay in implementing an EU directive which is designed to give consumers greater protection.
Major topics covered include ECJ cases, harmonization progress, digital sales and the EU, cross-border mergers and the EU Directive, and VAT legislation.
The Caymans authority fears significant parts of its financial services industry could move elsewhere because of the EU directive.
The drivers want a pay rise to compensate for loss of income caused by an EU directive limiting overtime.