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ESH said that teh majority of the proceeds from the offering will be used to repay certain of ESH REIT's indebtedness.
Under the partnership, ESH will continue to enjoy the DQG's quality and business excellence-related services throughout the year.
Being a DQG member has certainly created a positive impact on our organization, giving us access to dedicated resources and knowledge that support our quality-related programs," explained ESH chief executive Ali Al Sharid.
Mr Birchall retains responsibility as chief executive of PPDG and becomes a member of the board of ESH where he will represent the interests of UK shareholders.
Additionally, in a series of three presentations, a team of ISMI ESH experts addressed the semiconductor-specific processes and energy reduction strategies, including:
The JW Powerline team is delighted to be a part of the ESH team," said Jimmy Webb, the founder of JW Powerline.
ESH board chairman Greg Smith said he was confident that Mr Birchall was the ideal choice to take ESH forward into the next decade.
Scott Balaguer, General Manager, America's Edwards stated, "We are very excited to become a member of ISMI, and to participate in the ESH program.
Kramer added, "We're bringing together world-class researchers and engineers from Applied Materials, ISMI, and the ESH Technology Center to find green solutions that improve productivity and lower costs while significantly reducing the environmental footprint of manufacturing operations.
offers tools to manage ESH operations that significantly reduce paper-based ESH documentation, and employs customizable web-based technologies for training and ESH communications.
We're honored to recognize ISMI's ESH Technology Center for changing the way the world thinks about energy and efficiency through its contributions to the cleantech space," said David Ridsdale, Editor in Chief of EuroAsia Semiconductor.
Our objective in launching the ESH Technology Center is to lead the effort to keep our industry's manufacturing businesses productive, profitable, and sustainable, while significantly reducing the environmental footprint of manufacturing operations.