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ERS, See extended rotated side-bent.

Patient discussion about ERS

Q. I was in the ER because of a chest pain and the doctor there said its costochondritis. What does it mean? I am a 42 years old man. Last night i went to the ER because of a chest pain. The doctors there did many test and in the end they said its costochondritis. What does it mean? Can someone elaborate about the risk factors that can cause this symptom?

A. It seems that you are suffering from a traumatic injury to the skeleton that is near the heart which is called costochondritis. It can be a result of a simple trauma to the area or (as in my case, I am a rower) due to repetitive use of the muscles of the thorax and arms

Q. my husband is having trouble with him stomach or something. the e.r. doctor say's it's an infection in colan

A. hmm.. if it is an infection, then your doctor will surely give him antibiotics to cure that.
meanwhile don't be panic, if the symptoms don't go away, feel free to consult those with your doctor there.

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Since a sales invoice may not be created involving an ERS transaction, what will be acceptable proof to support a claim for refund?
The Electronics Industry Data Exchange (EIDX), Telecommunications Industry Forum (TCIF) and Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) have published ERS business models which identify business processes companies should consider when implementing ERS and make recommendations associated with ERS processes.
Processing tax calculations in an ERS environment relies on standard taxation principles.
Some third-party sales tax software products may be able to accommodate the complexities related to determining tax on ERS transactions.
ERS transactions will be processed first through the taxability matrices simulating the supplier's tax authorities on the purchaser's system to calculate the tax "charged" by the supplier.
If no tax was calculated through the taxability matrices either because the supplier is not registered in the delivery state, or because the ERS transaction is exerupt, then the ERS transaction is processed through the use tax accrual process.
ERS -- How Do Taxing Authorities Audit in This Environment?
Since ERS (Auto Pay) is a relatively new "business process," tax administrators are urged to educate their audit groups in this area.