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European Risk and Incidence, a Coordinated Analysis. A mega-collaboration intended to establish, through uniform analysis, the distribution of risk factors for coronary heart disease (CHD) in Europe, compute a risk-map of Europe, and, by using available follow-up data, devise European coefficients for the multiple logistic function prediction of future CHD events
Conclusion Age, serum cholesterol, systolic, and cigarette smoking are all significant contributors to multiple risk for major acute coronary events (MACE) with CHD
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Rose Venner from Kensington with a picture of her daughter Erica Thomas, who died in 1984
Data collection began at the end of our literacy methods course, one month before Erica and the other participants entered their student teaching placement.
During all the years that Susan Lucci was nominated for -- and famously lost -- the Daytime Emmy Award for her performance as Erica Kane on "All My Children," she handled the result each time with extraordinary grace.
of David and Erica on the shaky screen of a mobile phone.
This year, I expanded my project to work in the real world and apply my research," Erica says.
They were both employed full time until last fall when Erica decided to go back to college to get a second bachelor's degree in language, with a concentration in Spanish.
The children pulled Erica out of the window, and one of them went on his bike to alert the officers, Lt Chitwood said.
The one who made an apple torte was not Erica and did not finish third.
Erica watched Poppa swing open the heavy lid and lift out what looked like a small person.
The extra seat belt keeps Erica in check and allows the driver to concentrate on the road.