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The buildings to be built after 2012 were originally planned to be constructed to the EPACT 2005 standard.
Whereas past open access legislation, such as PURPA and EPAct, allowed generators to sell their electricity to other power suppliers, the new proposals would let generators sell their electricity directly to consumers.
EPAct requires the Department of Energy (DOE) to implement an Alternative Fuel Fleet Program.
11) EPAct permits regulated competition in the electricity generation market and, by extension, the wholesale electricity market.
Enactment of EPACT by Congress in 1992 mandated deregulation of the electric power industry, but it still reserved state authority over both the timing and exact form of deregulation.
While PURPA provided little cost relief to end users, EPACT attempted to change that by opening up transmission lines to independent power suppliers, thus increasing competition at the wholesale level.
EPAct was intended to stimulate domestic energy production, promote energy efficiency, increase competition in the electricity sector, reduce consumer costs, and develop alternatives to imported fuels.
The 1992 Energy Policy Act, or EPACT, stopped the production of some bulbs such as the best-selling R30 incandescent and the 4-foot fluorescent, which were deemed inefficient, and it mandated new packaging and labeling of bulbs.
EPACT covers three-phase a-c motors from 1 hp to 200 hp in standard voltages, which are intended for general-purpose use.
Coastal and Solis will evaluate how solar and EPAct combined with roof remediation work can provide a unique opportunity to increase net operating income and trigger large tax deductions for commercial property owners.
Since 1994, when the 1992 EPAct legislation took effect, innovative toilet technology has transitioned the nation from a water-guzzling 3.
EnergySwift further proposed modifications for efficient HVAC systems and lighting layouts for the design to qualify for EPACT.