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Coal emissions are higher than for any other fossil fuel: A natural gas plant emits just 42 percent as much CO2 as a conventional coal plant.
So, for example, if the treaty would place a 100-unit limit on emissions, they argue that companies on their own would want to emit only, say, 80 units.
In addition to the above requirements for emissions units with a potential to emit after control that is greater than or equal to major source status, CAM plans must be submitted as a part of a significant permit revision under Part 70 or 71.
The next time you use a gallon of oil-based paint, you will release into the air about the same volume of hydrocarbons a top-quality auto emits when driven 5,000 miles.
In a "Serious" air-pollution region, you're a major" polluter if you emit only 50 TPY, and you have nine years to clean up your act.
EMIT reportedly shows no significant interference from the CsA metabolites AM1, AM19, and AM4 N and only a slight cross-reactivity for metabolite AM9 [4].
If a "closed molder," under the "best possible" assumptions, emits styrene amounting to 2% of its resin usage, it would hit the 10,000-lb limit if it used 500,000 lb/yr of resin.
By varying the size of the dots, researchers can tune the crystals to emit different wavelengths.
emWare's EMIT software offers electronic products manufacturers a flexible, lightweight device networking platform for adding remote management capabilities to any electronic device.
Emit screening was performed for other drugs of abuse, and in addition all these specimens were screened by GC.
The same tools emit nearly a ton per day of nitrogen oxide and 182 tons per day of carbon monoxide - two major components of smog.
EMIT 4 Technology Brings True Enterprise Communications to Millions