EMG examination

EMG ex·am·i·na·tion

1. needle electrode examination portion of the electrodiagnostic examination (limited sense);
2. synonym for entire electrodiagnostic examination, including not only the needle electrode examination (electromyogram proper), but the nerve conduction studies as well (expanded sense).
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Needle EMG examination revealed a small amount of denervation potentials in APB and ADM also motor unit rarefaction, increase of polyphasic motor unit potantials (MUP) and chronic neurogenic changes in APB, ADM and EIP muscles, whereas needle EMG findings of the biceps and triceps were normal (Table 2).
4) reported 4-5 cases/year out of 3500 EMG examinations.
No denervation activity was detected by needle EMG examination of the abductor pollicis brevis muscles in both hands.
EMG examination of the upper segment of the trapezius muscle revealed reduced recruitment of motor units, increased polyphasia, and occurrence of mild PSWs and fibrillation potentials.