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Patton's implementation of EFM technology bonds up to 4 twisted pairs (8 wires) into a single high-speed communications channel that delivers transmission speeds up to 22.
Cindy Jones-Pettiford, who handles the EFM portfolio in Islamabad, said she felt well prepared for her work as an HR officer in Pakistan.
Justin Schuster, vice president, enterprise products for Market-Tools is seeing greater demand for and utilizing EFM to obtain more in-depth and actionable results.
For the extrusion with EFM, the C-D gap of 30 [micro]m was used.
EFM program sponsors or spouses can register with the site, complete a personal profile and obtain a password to find more information regarding their category status.
Then it will analyze the implications of EFM use in a legal context, applying tort law's standard of care analysis to the technique and comparing obstetricians' perception of EFM's role in malpractice litigation to its actual function in a lawsuit.
Unfortunately, there is little evidence to confirm that EFM is superior to intermittent auscultation or that it truly results in a reduction of birth-related disabilities such as cerebral palsy.
Equinix earned this MarketTools ACE Award for its use of EFM globally to drive major company-wide, multi-year initiatives based on key performance indicators that include customer satisfaction and loyalty.
EFM is a secure, instructive platform for buyside analytics.
Zhone Technologies Inc (Nasdaq:ZHNE), a provider of single-platform delivery of voice, DSL, EFM, FTTx and wireless broadband services, announced on Tuesday (24 February) that WorldNet Telecommunications, a provider of a portfolio of communications services in Puerto Rico, has selected Zhone's MALC multi-service access platform (MSAP) to add EFM (Ethernet in the first mile) to its service portfolio.
The flow state in an EFM is important for the investigation of mixing performances of the EFM.