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Eligibility criteria included the following: (1) all patients were confirmed GC, (2) studies compared IEJ and EEJ in patients who underwent LTG, and (3) availability of data for anastomosis-related complications.
According to four studies reporting anastomotic time,[19],[21],[22],[24] the meta-analysis found that there was no difference between IEJ and EEJ patients (WMD: 2.
IEJ and EEJ had equivalent time to first flatus (WMD: −0.
IEJ and EEJ had equivalent risk for esophagojejunostomy leakage ( OR : 0.
In this meta-analysis, we found IEJ and EEJ could performed in comparable time similar to that historically reported for.
This study demonstrated no statistical differences between IEJ and EEJ neither in leakage nor stenosis.
EEJ is published four times a year (in January, April, July and October), and the EEJ will also publish digital newsletters on a regular basis.