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Abbreviation for Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.


see egg drop syndrome.

Patient discussion about EDS

Q. Does Viagra have any side effects? My boyfriend started taking Viagra and now he has headaches. Could this be caused by the Viagra?

A. Yes, headaches are a side effect of Viagra. Other common side effects are facial flushing, upset stomach and a temporary bluish vision. If this persists, he should consult his Doctor.

Q. What are the risks of taking Viagra? Are there any risks in taking Viagra in the long term?

A. The US Food and Drug Administration identified 50 men with blindness who have taken Viagra, but who also had diabetes and heart disease, which is known to cause blindness. Therefore, it is not certain if it was caused directly from the Viagra.
The FDA informed healthcare professionals in October, 2007 that drugs used to treat erectile dysfunction, including Viagra, may increase risk of sudden hearing loss.

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