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n the abbreviation for electronic data processing.
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The researchers said that future studies hopefully will determine that stabilized EDP can be safely and effectively combined with other current anti-angiogenesis drugs in the treatment of cancer.
The researchers also found an EDP auditor's educational background could influence the strength of knowledge structures: EDP auditors with more traditional accounting education exhibited enhanced control-objective structure while auditors with greater computer training showed enhanced transaction flow structure.
If your EDP exposures can be adequately insured under an all-risks contents policy, you may also benefit from blanket coverage and the suspension of the coinsurance provision, two features common to property policies, but not regularly found in EDP policies.
Eliminating or controlling potential risks constitutes the second risk management technique to use in EDP protection.
When Cangemi took over his position, he made users -- and not management information systems staff -- responsible for their own technology, based on an insight he gained from his EDP auditing experience.
Plus] grant and loan funded by an EDP advance, not only did we give Greg and Beverly a chance to own a retail business, we gave Blytheville a chance to keep another business open on Main Street.
EDP is the largest generator, distributor and supplier of electricity in Portugal, the third largest electricity generation company in the Iberian Peninsula and one of the largest gas distributors in the Iberian Peninsula.
The disposal marks the beginning of a strategy for assets rotation announced by EDP Renovaveis at its investor day in May 2012.
In addition, three standards--ISA 6, Study and Evaluation of the Accounting System and Related Internal Controls in Connection With an Audit; ISA 20, The Effects of an EDP Environment of the Study and Evaluation of the Accounting System and Related Internal Controls; and ISA 29, Inherent and Control Risk Assessments and Their Impact on Substantive Procedures--were combined as Revised ISA 6, Risk Assessment and Internal Control; and Addendum 1 to Revised ISA 6, EDP Characteristics and Considerations.
CGI is pleased to announce the signing of a new application management contract with EDP until 2017.
This book is designed for auditors as a practical resource in reviewing a wide spectrum of EDP subjects.