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Emergency contraceptive pills; ECPs

Medication containing synthetic hormones for preventing pregnancy after unprotected vaginal intercourse.
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We currently anticipate second-quarter ECPS revenues to be comparable to first-quarter levels," Papada said.
Markets in the ECPS have remained fairly solid, particularly in Europe.
Excluding further acquisitions in 2001, Technitrol said that it anticipates consolidated revenues for the full year to range between $595 million and $620 million, including $345 million to $360 million in the ECS and $250 million to $260 million in the ECPS.
In the ECPS, due to our restructuring initiatives last year and aggressive, ongoing cost controls, we plan to deliver substantially higher operating profit in the first quarter than we did a year ago, net of the E-CLAL operations, which we believe will be neutral in the near term.
Had average Euro-to-dollar exchange rates been equal over both periods, fourth-quarter ECPS revenues would have grown 7.
We believe overall market conditions in the ECPS will remain firm in 2001," Papada said.
In the ECPS, assuming current Euro-to-dollar exchange rates, revenues for 2001 are expected to be in the $230 million to $235 million range, representing growth of 2% to 4% from 2000 expectations.
We are very pleased with the progress made by the ECPS in the first half of 2000, and we anticipate continued improvements this year and next.