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Data differences between RMIS and EBIS may also make integration difficult.
The final obstacle to overcome is the fact that vendors either have focused on RMIS or EBIS and almost never both.
There are three options: Either ERIS will be created from scratch; existing EBIS and RMIS systems will be adapted to include the other functions; or a bridge will be built between existing RMIS and EBIS systems.
With the adoption of EBIS, employees have become more aware of the importance of ensuring that their work history records are accurate.
Since EBIS is updated every two weeks with new payroll and personnel data, employees have the most up-to-date information regarding current and projected annuity benefits, life and health insurance, death and disability benefits and leave balances.
EBIS cannot automatically run accurate annuity estimates for employees with service in both the old and new retirement systems.
For assistance with EBIS, contact HR Shared Services at 1-866-300-7419 or e-mail HRSC@state.
According to a recent Gartner report entitled "Enterprise BI Suites and Reporting: Convergence at Last (September 10, 2002)" robust reporting and enterprise business EBISs have historically remained technologically distinct.