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electroacupuncture according to Voll

A system of pseudodiagnosis and pseudotherapy based on the “Dermatron”, a galvanometric device invented in the 1970s by a German physician, Reinhold Voll, which he believed measured “electromagnetic energy flow” along acupuncture channels and provided information on organ functions. EAV practitioners claimed to treat “imbalances” identified by such devices by electrically stimulating the acupuncture points and/or administering homeopathic remedies.


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EAV are also present in line-0 chickens (ev-negative), which have been bred to have no ev proviruses (12).
Thus, if the effects of changes in residential EAV are taken into account, changes in business EAV have been associated with decreases in residential tax burdens.
The projected deficit is being driven by the state prorating general state aid and a modest reduction in property tax revenue due to the recent decrease in EAV.
Surely, over 100 years later, it is not too much of stretch for our intellects to detect multiple abnormalities of the human condition via EAV.
By analogy, the assembly of the hemagglutinin and fusion glycoproteins of measles or mumps viruses might confer a human host range on endogenous ALV or EAV particles.
Wright, MD began using EAV in 1986, when he took part in a three-month comparison of EAV screening to traditional needlestick testing in children with allergies and sensitivities.
EAV is aimed at Disability, Life and Workers Compensation Insurers, their service providers as well as Self-Insured Self-Administered Employers.
The Directive has been agreed at the European Parliament which has been pressing for approximately three years for an EAV and ELV lower than the original levels proposed by the Commission and agreed by the Council.
Recent local and regional economic sluggishness is reflected by county unemployment rates which have tracked closely with state and national levels and village EAV declines.
We are in constant search for entities that can enhance our NLCFA offerings and we are confident that our members will find EAV a powerful addition to the organization.
com) has just released details for a trade-in program for healthcare professionals owning EAV (Electo-acupuncture According to Voll) or EDS (Electro-Dermal Screening) equipment.