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electroacupuncture according to Voll

A system of pseudodiagnosis and pseudotherapy based on the “Dermatron”, a galvanometric device invented in the 1970s by a German physician, Reinhold Voll, which he believed measured “electromagnetic energy flow” along acupuncture channels and provided information on organ functions. EAV practitioners claimed to treat “imbalances” identified by such devices by electrically stimulating the acupuncture points and/or administering homeopathic remedies.


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Testing by EAV or ART can assist with your choices.
The serum was processed at the Institute of Virology--Veterinary and Agronomic Investigation Center (INTA-Argentina) using the microseroneutralization technique for EAV virus (Arvac vaccination strain).
Na Tabela 1, os resultados mostram que as medias da EAV da autoavaliacaoe da avaliacao perceptivo-auditiva foram acima de 30, tendo esta ultima um valor discretamente mais elevado, porem sem diferenca estatisticamente significante.
Se administro un maximo de 2,4 g/dia de gabapentina durante 6 semanas separado por un periodo de una semana sin tratamiento, encontrando que la diferencia promedio de la intensidad del dolor en la EAV del grupo con gabapentina fue significativamente mayor que el placebo al final del tratamiento (3,2 [+ o -] 2,1 contra 1,6 [+ o -] 0,7; p = 0,03).
manufacturer and found evidence of both EAV and endogenous ALV (7): we detected particle-associated ALV and EAV-0 RNA sequences in both vaccine and chick embryo fibroblast supernatants and demonstrated neutralization of RT activity in vaccines by anti-ALV RT antibodies.
Armchair observers have often stated that there is no credible evidence of diagnostic capability of EAV.
EAV can release noninfectious virus particles containing active reverse transcriptase; and this is the genome most commonly found in MMR and other vaccines (Hussain et al.
Since 1995, EAV has assisted in the transformation of Downtown Manhattan into a 24-hour neighborhood, primarily through the conversion of buildings in the area to residential use.
District 57 is very small, with the lowest equalized assessed valuation (EAV) among our neighbors -- the village is strategically focused on improving the EAV with the tools at its disposal, but that alone cannot make up the shortfall.
What would you think if you could diagnose viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, mold, all allergens, homeopathic remedies with proper dilution, toxic chemicals, heavy metals, sick teeth, radiation, damaged vertebrae, drug and supplement compatibility, organ weakness, disease presence, pharmaceuticals, hormones, vaccinations, water contaminants, foods, implant materials, dental materials, habit drugs, Bach Flower Remedies, and much more using an EAV (electroacupuncture according to Voll) device in a few minutes?