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As consumers seek to combine the latest interactive multimedia with traditional family games, Hasbro Interactive is pleased to work with EAI, a seasoned developer of high-end 3D visualization products.
Under the terms of the agreement, EAI will receive the school district's average full-time equivalent (FTE) amount of $5,918 per student.
Considering the vision of those who authored research papers and case studies presented at the Global EAI Summit, I am honored to be selected to receive this recognition," said Fuller.
EAI transferred special education teachers out of the nine schools with the stated intention of mainstreaming special education students.
EAI is the process of linking such applications in order to simplify and automate business processes.
It also offers a single cohesive platform for EAI, B2B Integration, BPM, collaboration and even network management requirements of a company, which were traditionally served by distinct solutions," he adds.
Can we say the same about EAI (Enterprise Application Integration)?