potassium sorbate

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po·tas·si·um sor·bate

a mold and yeast inhibitor, used as a preservative.
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The release agents used included Marbocote 75 CEE, Frekote 700 NC, Chemlease 40, Mono-coat E193, Mono-coat E194, and Mono-coat E202.
The Spokesman said that the Madam Speakers flat No E202 in the Parliamentary lodges was allotted to Senator Reena Kumari and the Deputy Speakers flat No F212 was allotted to Asia Nasir at the time when the Speaker and the deputy Speaker got houses in the Ministers Enclave.
For more information on GoldenGate solutions, visit the company in booth E202 at the Information on Demand 2006 conference, taking place October 15-20 in Anaheim, California, or online at www.
The four seal segments are made of PTFE E202 and meet the material requirements of the U.
Third quarter 2001 operating income, before charges for stock-based compensation programs (STAR and LTI) and TopTier acquisition related charges, were flat at E201 million (2000: E202 million).