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A city 400 km east of Moscow thought to have the most poisoned soil on Earth
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23 December 2009 - AgriGo Ltd, an Israeli firm specialised in the manufacture of prefabricated buildings for the poultry sector, is planning to equip Dzerzhinsk Poultry Factory in Belarus, says the Belarus government.
Then comes the Russian town of Dzerzhinsk, which is called in the Report as the most chemically polluted place on the planet.
The new technical center in the city of Dzerzhinsk is co-located with the Radian Company, DuPont's distributor of titanium dioxide in Russia.
An attendant in the Protection of the Holy Mother of God Church in Dzerzhinsk, Belarus, wiped the icon clean, but the Image of Christ continued to produce the liquid.
The mayor of Dzerzhinsk, Viktor Sopin, who quit United Russia to enter Mikhail Prokhorov's party, was relieved of his duties.
The venture will be located in Russia at Dzerzhinsk, near Sibura[euro](tm)s petrochemicals operations, the companies said in a joint statement on Monday.
Electronic auction: determination of the service provider for cleaning the forest areas of the urban district of dzerzhinsk city from littering, pollution and other negative impacts (no.