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Pertaining to, or characterized by, dystopia.
See also: ectopic.


Pertaining to, or characterized by, dystopia.
See also: ectopic


(dĭs-tō′pē-ă) [″ + topos, place]
Malposition (1); displacement of any organ.

dystopia canthorum

Lateral displacement of the inner canthi of the eyes.
dystopic (-tŏp′ik), adjective
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Marcus Stiglegger analyses Japanese monster films, Kaiju eiga, and shows that the Godzilla-type monster can mutate from being represented in dystopic mode to become a utopian guardian angel for Japan to be called when danger threatens Japan.
While the reigning powers see dystopic effects as manageable within the framework of national security states and economies, historical materialists totalize to show how plutocracy, inequality, inter-state conflict and environmental despoliation are effects of the capitalist system.
Jimmy's world--situated in the USA of the middle of the twenty-first century--is a dystopic one controlled in a totalitarian manner by giant biotechnology corporations that promote extreme materialism and consumerism on the one hand and contribute to rampant environmental degradation and exploitation of the poor on the other.
This dystopic scenario erodes the basis of urban citizenship.
JUST when we thought that life couldn't get more unbearable in dystopic austerity Britain, we have a mayor foisted upon us.
His singular worldview reflects Ike's dystopic vision of the future where the "racially mixed geography" as evidenced by Roth's willful miscegenation, "represents a spreading socioeconomic contamination that will eventually overwhelm the stable boundaries of his utopian Mississippi hunting grounds and the regionally distinct culture of privilege that participation in the hunts represents"(Decker 473).
The film, set to open on March 23, is set in a dystopic future and centres on a television series that forces teens to fight death.
the song is a dystopic allegory for American global power.
Precisely Terminated" is set in a dystopic future where a vast majority of humanity is controlled from birth by nobility who have mastered technology's control over the people.
The second vision, the vision of the counterreformation, displays before us a dystopic scenario with the following features.
Zoo City (2010) is the second novel written by Lauren Beukes and has been described as a combination of crime and magic, an urban thriller presenting a dark and dystopic view of Johannesburg in 2011.
And yet the basic formula of "discovery plus invention equals progress" is not abandoned in the dystopic model; instead, as illustrated in The Island or The Matrix, there is a search for some point of origin that must be returned to in order to "reverse" this dystopic outcome and set out anew in a "better" direction.