Guichaud Joseph, French anatomist, 1648-1730. See: Duverney fissures, Duverney gland, Duverney muscle.
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Duverney (Baggio Engineering School, France) introduces graduate and advanced undergraduate students, professional mathematicians, math teachers, and mathematically educated lay readers to number theory.
Yet, it was noted in 1700 by the French anatomist Duverney that many bones, like those of the middle ear, have no marrow, and hence it would be unlikely that the marrow was essential for the nutrition of bone (2).
CUTLINE: From left, Craig Maxim, director of Family Continuity's Whitinsville Mental Health Clinic; Northbridge High School art teacher Jennifer Mulkerrin; students Amy Branchaud, Katie Duverney, Sarah Denault and Olivia Marchi; and art teacher Danielle Pianka show off a mural made by the students.
2) See Brathwait, The English Gentleman 89, and Primaudaye 126-29, for reference to speech as food; Brathwait, Essaies upon the Five Senses 6-7, for reference to the ear as a digestive organ; and Guichard-Joseph Duverney 70-71, for the anatomy of the ear described in terms of a mouth.
It was first described in 1708 by Duverney, (1) who reported the finding at an autopsy of a patient who died as a result of a ruptured ectopic pregnancy but also had a simultaneous intrauterine pregnancy.
They are primarily focused on conventional and Montney shale gas play in British Columbia and conventional light oil and Duverney shale play development in Alberta.