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(dōō′və, dü′-), Christian Marie René Joseph de Born 1917.
British-born Belgian physiologist. He shared a 1974 Nobel Prize for contributions to the understanding of the components of living cells.
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Sophie Lucas, de Duve Institute, UCL, commented: "This collaboration is a great opportunity for our group to benefit from arGEN-X' technology and expertise in deriving novel therapeutic antibodies.
For de Duve, the decision to reveal his beliefs to his colleagues at the university was a difficult one, but one he couldn't pass up.
de Duve also believes that when someone judges something to be art, this person wants everyone to agree with him.
De Duve said a month back that he was not afraid of what befell him as he is not a believer.
As de Duve has noted in a critique of the RNA-world hypothesis, "Hitching the components together in the right manner raises additional problems of such magnitude that no one has yet attempted to [solve them] in a prebiotic context.
27) Thierry De Duve aptly chose the term "resonances" to represent this seemingly limitless impact of the readymade across so many disciplines and practices in his study Resonances du readymade: Duchamp entre avant-garde et tradition (Nimes: J.
The secular modernists taking part such as Thierry de Duve and Boris Groys appear to be quite clear as to what religion is (and why they think it incompatible with modernism) despite regular claims by other participants that this has little to do with religion as actually practised; but the latter are unable to provide a theoretical definition of religion that might challenge the secular one.
He helped discover lysosomes in 1955, visualizing the organelle that Christian de Duve had characterized only cytochemically.
Wenn die westdeutsche Autorin Karen Duve in ihrem Regenroman etwa die Vokabel "Victory" benutzt, so gebraucht sie dieses Wort als postmodernes Ornament: "Die weisse Schnecke baumte sich auf wie ein Zirkustier, reckte den Vorderkorper in die Luft und spreizte die Fuhler zu einem V.
Lysosomes are polymorphic, hydrolytic enzyme-containing organelles with many intracellular and extracellular roles (De Duve & Wattiaux 1966).
Pushing at boundaries; approaches to contemporary German women writers from Karen Duve to Jenny Erpenbeck.
At Hanover, a late change of jockey failed to stop Eoghan O'Neill's Creative Mind running a big race in the Listed Grosser Preis der Dr Duve Inkasso.