Durham, Arthur E.

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Arthur E., English surgeon, 1834-1895.
Durham needle
Durham operation
Durham tracheostomy tube
Durham tracheotomy trocar
Durham trocar
Durham tube - a jointed tracheotomy tube.
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We chose to expand the Durham operation because of the expert labour force available locally and the fact that Siemens is dedicated to keep reinvesting in the area.
Electronics company Filtronic last night announced a vital new deal which is set to secure the long-term future of its County Durham operation and bring it back into the black.
Mr Khan believes that this was an extremely creditable performance under the circumstances of the management buyout, the disposal of the Durham operation and trading conditions that are generally accepted through the trade as probably the toughest in recent memory.
A PRODUCER of garden care equipment, which has a major County Durham operation, is showing its commitment to training young people by taking on six new apprentices.
Listed-placed Mullionmileanhour has been retired to the County Durham operation, where he will stand alongside Josr Algarhoud, Milk It Mick and Misu Bond.
The County Durham operation saw demand plunge by nearly 90% between 2008 and 2009 but this has come back to 2007 levels as the company wins orders from strong growth economies in countries including Brazil and China.
Also in field sales, Tracy Littlefair now heads up retail including management of the Darlington and South Durham operation.
He said: "When LG Philips announced the closure of their Durham operation back in April they assured us and their workforce that the change in demand for new technologies and their worldwide set-up meant that they would be producing the flat-screen television sets in Asia rather than Europe.
Besides the County Durham operation, Crafter''s Companion now has also an overseas base and distribution centre in Orlando, Florida.
There has been speculation for some time that Filtronic was attempting to offload the County Durham operation as prices for these products remain depressed because of worldwide competition.
Maureen Wright, managing director at Westray Recruitment, added: "With her vast knowledge of the recruitment industry and of the commercial market, Lesley was exactly the kind of person we were looking for to head up the Durham operation.
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