durable power of attorney

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durable power of attorney

(dūr'ă-bĕl pow'ĕr ă-tŏr-nē),
A legally qualified advance directive that gives one other person, and often an alternate as well, the authority to make medical decisions should the person signing the advance directive become incompetent and require medical care.

durable power of attorney

Continuing power of attorney Death & health care An 'advance directive' document that allows Pts to appoint a surrogate decision-maker to implement preferences for continued life support in the event of incapacitation. See Advance directive, Euthanasia, Living will.

ad·vance di·rec·tive

(ăd-vans' dĭr-ek'tiv)
A legal document with written instructions signed by the patient (or the patient's designee if the patient cannot sign) stating the type of care measures and services that are or are not to be provided to prolong life in the event of a life-threatening illness.
Synonym(s): durable power of attorney (1) .

liv·ing will

(liv'ing wil)
Legal document used to indicate one's preference to die rather than be sustained artificially if sick or injured beyond the prospect of recovery.
See: advance directive
Synonym(s): durable power of attorney (2) .
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A durable power of attorney is commonly used to withdraw assets from the principal's revocable trust to qualify a principal for Medicaid.
First, signing a broadly drafted durable power of attorney is comparable to signing a blank check.
This is particularly true for the durable power of attorney for health care because certain actions, such as requesting that artificial life support be terminated, must be explicitly stated in the power of attorney.
Drafting a durable power of attorney is an act of love: By detailing how you want matters regarding your health and finances handled in the event of an emergency, you are sparing your family and friends the unpleasant task of making such decisions in a stressful time.
Recent changes in appearance, if an elderly person has given a durable power of attorney to someone, if they have asked to change their will or if they are depressed are signs to watch for.
Planning for estate handling can also require that people have a durable power of attorney in place, which appoints another party to act in the place of the deceased.
If the person with special needs has sufficient capacity to understand, he can appoint an agent using a durable power of attorney over medical or financial matters, or both.
THE FOLLOW-THROUGH: While the Vinsons have wills, living wills, a durable power of attorney for healthcare, and a durable power of attorney for property, the bypass trust is still on their to-do list.
A living will can suffice, she says, but a durable power of attorney is also often necessary, making it clear to parents and potentially homophobic hospital staff that a gay or lesbian person has the right to be at their partner's bedside and to make medical decisions.
Fully 80 percent of Americans have no living will, durable power of attorney or advance health care di- rective.
Always remember, though, that a competent client or his or her durable power of attorney for healthcare is the decision maker.