An analgesic NSAID used for acute pain management, which was withdrawn from the market following multiple reports of liver failure.


Bromfenac Pain medicine A prescription NSAID-analgesic similar in efficacy to ibuprofen that was 'pulled' from the market by its producer, Wyeth-Ayerst, when it was linked to fulminant liver failure, death or need for liver transplantation
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71) Following reports of liver failure among long-term users of the drug, Wyeth voluntarily withdrew Duract from the market.
Yet Rivera itself stated that the plaintiff there did not "claim Duract .
And users of Rezulin, Baycol, Propulsid, Duract, and several drugs linked in hundreds of deaths before the drugs were "voluntarily" withdrawn by their manufacturers will likely encounter the same obstacle in states with shield laws.
For example, Duract, an effective short-term painkiller, proved dangerous when prescribed beyond 10 days, which doctors routinely did.
Wolfe: Raw milk, aspirin and Reye's Syndrome, tampons and toxic shock, Phenformin and lactic acidosis, Posicor and Duract are all instances where there was clear, unequivocal data at the FDA showing harm, but where the FDA failed to either ban a product or require necessary labeling.
These results explain why drugs like the high blood pressure drug Posicor and the pain-killer, Duract -- despite clear evidence of dangers before approval -- were approved.
Worldwide pharmaceutical sales increased 3% for the 1998 third quarter and 4% for the first nine months due primarily to higher sales of Premarin products, Effexor, Synvisc (introduced in the 1997 fourth quarter), Neumega (introduced in the 1997 fourth quarter), Ziac, BeneFix and generic pharmaceuticals offset, in part, by the voluntary market withdrawal of the Company's antiobesity products in the 1997 third quarter and Duract in the 1998 second quarter, and lower sales of Oruvail and biologicals.
Examples of recent post-market discoveries include Accolate (asthma drug), Duract (analgesic and anesthetic) and Rezulin (diabetes), all linked to liver damage.
While we continue to believe that DURACT is safe and effective
3, 1998--A month after its launch, Wyeth-Ayerst's Duract became the second-most dispensed oral non-narcotic analgesic in the United States.
This year, the Company also introduced Aphthasol(TM), the first and only prescription medicine for the treatment of canker sores and Duract, a non-narcotic analgesic for dental pain which the Company is co-promoting with Wyeth-Ayerst, its manufacturer.
a division of American Home Products Corporation (NYSE: AHP), and Block Drug Corporation (Nasdaq-NNM: BLOCA) of Jersey City, NJ, today announced the signing of an agreement for the co- promotion of Duract to dental professionals in the United States.