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17th-century Paris surgeon and anatomist. See: Dupré muscle.


17th century Paris surgeon and anatomist.
Dupré muscle - Synonym(s): articularis genu muscle
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Dupre necessarily speaks barely a word about technology, the business firm, and popular culture--a trinity of determinants of our own world about which the Enlightenment paid little heed.
Immediately following the above is an excellent article by Louis Dupre, "Prolegomena to Nicholas of Cusa's Theory of Religious Symbols.
Dalakha-ni's trainer Alain de Royer Dupre has nominated Frankie Dettori's mount Doyen as the main danger to the Aga Khan's colt in the Prix de l'Arc de TriompheLucien Barriere at Longchamp on Sunday.
Physician John Dupre of the University of Western Ontario in London, Ont.
However, the indisputable highlights of the concert were two works by Marcel Dupre, a principal exponent in shaping the history of French improvisation.
As for the Francis Marion, US Forest Service forester John DuPre says, "Hugo pointed out the effects of management.
In this collection of essays, the distinguished Yale theologian and phenomenologist of religion Louis Dupre sketches ways in which religious mystery may once again be asserted in modern intellectual terms.
Directed by Jeff Dupre * Written by Michelle Ferrari * Narrated by Linda Hunt; voices by Stephen Spinella, Gwyneth Paltrow, Cherry Jones, Edward Norton, and Leland Gantt * Released by Zeitgeist Films
The basis of the model is use of the two fundamental wetting equations of Young and of Laplace already evoked in the introduction, together with a third equation due to Dupre (ref.