Duncan, James M.

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James M., Scottish gynecologist, 1826-1890.
Duncan curette
Duncan endometrial biopsy curette
Duncan endometrial curette
Duncan fold - the folds on the peritoneal surface of the uterus immediately after delivery.
Duncan mechanism - passage of the placenta from the uterus with the rough side foremost.
Duncan position
Duncan ventricle - a slitlike, fluid-filled space of variable width between the left and right transparent septum, which may communicate with the third ventricle. Synonym(s): cavity of septum pellucidum
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The site includes products from the company's established brands -- BEI(R) optical encoders, GyroChip(R) inertial sensors, Duncan position sensors, Edcliff pressure sensors and Kimco brushless DC motors and voice coil actuators.
It is in this charged space of multiple and sliding meanings that Duncan positions himself and the entire conflict with Blaser over their translation of Nerval.