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James M., Scottish gynecologist, 1826-1890. See: Duncan folds, Duncan mechanism, Duncan placenta, Duncan ventricle.


Surname of first studied patients afflicted with what is now known as Duncan disease.


surname of one of the first individuals to carry a recessive trait that causes propensity to B-cell malignant lymphoproliferative disease.
Duncan disease - immunodeficiency disease with propensity to B-cell malignant lymphoproliferative disease in the presence of Epstein-Barr virus, leading to death. Synonym(s): Duncan syndrome
Duncan syndrome - Synonym(s): Duncan disease
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Despite his facetiousness, Boyd Duncan had little hope.
As the sun rose higher, Duncan ripped his pajama trousers in halves and fashioned them into two rude turbans.
United States Consul Lingford was a fussy, elderly gentleman, and in the two years of his service at Attu-Attu had never encountered so unprecedented a case as that laid before him by Boyd Duncan.
As Duncan accepted the invitation, Minnie, who had been glancing out of the window at the harbor, suddenly leaned forward and touched her husband's arm.
I'll pay the damages to office furniture," Duncan answered, and at the same time landing more bunched knuckles on the eyes and nose of Dettmar.
Once, he caught Duncan by the arm, but was flung back, gasping, half-across the room.
Duncan, won't you, please, please, restrain your husband?
That," Boyd Duncan replied, looking ruefully at his battered knuckles.
Duncan Aviation recently published the Fall 2016 edition of its popular Duncan Debrief magazine.
San Antonio Spurs legend Tim Duncan will be remembered as one of the league's best winners and perhaps the greatest power forward the game has seen.
Bride and Groom: Carol Duncan, 55, of Middlesbrough, and Ronnie Duncan, 57, of Port Glasgow Married at: Middlesbrough Register Office When?