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dynamis (dī′·n·mis),

n word coined by Hahnemann to describe an organism's life force (i.e., prana, ch'i, etc.) See also bioenergetics, dynamisation, life force, potency, potency energy, vital force, and Wesen.
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But the state governor raised the alarm on the influx of several cattle at the gravesite of 73 victims of Fulani herdsmen when he led the Senior Pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Centre, Dr Pastor Paul Enenche and his wife, Dr Pastor Becky Enenche to the site.
UK-based Fulcrum Utility Services Ltd (LSE: FCRM) has entered into a conditional agreement to acquire electrical infrastructure services company The Dunamis Group Ltd for a consideration of GBP 22m (USD 30.
M2 EQUITYBITES-February 7, 2018-Fulcrum Utility Services Acquires Electrical Infrastructure Services Firm Dunamis
A little linguistic study reveals that the terms often translated into English as "miracle" are the Greek word dunamis (eight times in the New Testament) and semeion (22 times in the New Testament).
Austin Lucas, the First Consecrated Woman Bishop of the Dunamis Covenant Connection under the leadership of Archbishop Robert Joel Rochford, Sr.
Synopsis: The term dunamis (potentiality) entered into the philosophical vocabulary with Plato, but it was with Aristotle that it acquired, together with energeia (actuality), the strong technical meaning that the two terms have maintained, with variations, throughout subsequent philosophical tradition.
Chapters five and six follow the moving radius principle into Aristotle's biological works via the concept of dunamis (power).
This serves as a warning to the reader about the power of Socrates; and as any sensitive reader may attest, the Symposium certainly has the potential, the dunamis, to overwhelm and possess.
And yet the Holy Spirit is the Ruach, the life-giving breath of God and the Dunamis or dynamite, igniting faith.
The Protestant translators avoided the word and predominantly took dunamis to mean "power," "miracle," "great work," "ability," and "strength" (see for example, Mt 11.
En segundo lugar, desde el punto de vista de la actualidad, mientras que en la poiesis, la dunamis (el poder) y la energeia (el acto) son distintas y, por ende, el resultado final o la actualidad se encuentran en el producto final; en la praxis, la dunamis y energeia no estan separadas, sino fusionadas y residen en el agente.
Organisers Dunamis Communications are expecting more than 3,000 participants at this event.