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dynamis (dī′·n·mis),

n word coined by Hahnemann to describe an organism's life force (i.e., prana, ch'i, etc.) See also bioenergetics, dynamisation, life force, potency, potency energy, vital force, and Wesen.
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Aristotle made use of the central principle of ancient mechanics, the principle behind the lever, to develop a key concept of natural philosophy, namely, dunamis, potentiality or power.
And yet the Holy Spirit is the Ruach, the life-giving breath of God and the Dunamis or dynamite, igniting faith.
The Protestant translators avoided the word and predominantly took dunamis to mean "power," "miracle," "great work," "ability," and "strength" (see for example, Mt 11.
Organisers Dunamis Communications are expecting more than 3,000 participants at this event.
Rather, the form that the father provides is a dunamis (what Gotthelf would call an irreducible potential) for initiating those motions within the mother, by which she grows and bears their offspring.
Over the past 6 years Dunamis Pasadena Church's youth desired to launch a holiday hot meal program.
On the other hand, when a kind is related to the target kind that is to be defined, because both share a common capacity or dunamis, then its thread may be woven into the subsequent definition of the target kind.
For an important account of Gregory's use of ousia and dunamis, see Michel Barnes, The Power of God: Dunamis in Gregory of Nyssa's Trinitarian Theology (Washington: Catholic University, 2001) 220-59.
Dunamis Capital launches its new service having recently successfully secured its Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) licence.
As he crosses the crumbling abbey steps at sunset, he enters the eternal world of the Dunamis Force, God's most explosive force in the universe.
He will be encouraging race fans to donate to Dunamis Medical Missions who have doctors and nurses in the disaster areas.
The dunamis of fire is the capacity of movement (kinesis), that of water the nourishment (trophe), and their dynamic equilibrium is expressed in terms of mastering: 'each masters or is mastered to the greatest maximum and the least minimum possible.