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A site where solid non-hazardous municipal waste is disposed
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Within 10 days the treatment process will be in the sorting plant which will be erected beside the dump site," said Hani Francis, the engineer overseeing the cleanup operation.
Authorities allege the Whitney Street dump site polluted the air and caused a public nuisance with the rotten odors emitted from the site, which annoyed and sickened neighbors.
Established in 2000, NUMO builds and manages dump sites for high-level radioactive waste -- residues from spent nuclear fuel taken from nuclear reactors.
Finding dump sites for garbage has proven to be difficult indeed for the government.
The dump site contained much higher amounts than the remediated site or the farm.
In the end, the Minnesota legislature settled on a compromise, granting the power company permission to build five casks now, and more later if it finds an alternative dump site.
The most devastating trash slide in the country occurred in July 2000 in the Payatas dump site in suburban Quezon City just several kilometres away from Manila.
The initial idea of the group was to help people living off the dump sites in Windhoek, but the group now also focuses on helping needy Namibians.
SEVENTY horses were rounded up at an old dump site over a two-day period, it emerged yesterday.
Tashima filed the application in January for commencing documentation research into the possibility of hosting a dump site in the town.
Under the plan, a dam would be built to create an island of two square miles on top of the dump site.
Residents of Hinode began an opposition movement after it was revealed in 1992 that polluted water was leaking from the nearby Yatozawa dump site.