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Pierre L., French chemist, 1785-1838. See: Dulong-Petit law.
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14th of April that I received a telegram from Lyons which informed me that Holmes was lying ill in the Hotel Dulong.
Tenders are invited for construction of fare weather bridge over dulong river at beliaberah under mplad scheme jl no 287 plot no 253
Less than a year after finishing his All-America career at Holy Cross, Art Dulong won the race in 1971, during his first year teaching in Lexington and just before embarking on his Hall of Fame coaching career.
Winemaker Jean-Marc Dulong enlisted time-honored winemaking practices as well as modern techniques to create a collection of finely balanced, elegant wines that are eminently drinkable: Downton Abbey Blanc is a light and crisp white blend, while Downton Abbey Claret is medium-bodied red with bright fruit and a silky finish.
Commenting on Geoffrion's new position, Suzanne DuLong, vp, investor relations and corporate communications, said, "We've noted previously that we are exploring opportunities for our products in geographies outside North America and Gerard is ideally equipped to lead those efforts.
Officials recovered around 60 bottles of foreignmade liquor and over 100 bottles of wine of different brands, including Cuvee Dulong, Cuvee Special, Four Season, Cepages, Carlo Rossi, bottles of Johnnie Walker, Red, black and blue labels, Grey Goose Vodka, Whyte & Mackay, Martini Rosso, and Glenlivet single malt.
The Einstein model could obtain the Dulong and Petit prediction at high temperature but could not reproduce an adequate representation of the the lattice at low temperatures.
a stepdaughter, Karen Crowley of Hillsboro; a sister, Patricia Dulong of Eugene; and 12 grandchildren.
A strike by Dulong proved enough for Birkenhead Boys against Saints Youth, while doubles from McDowall and Hedges saw MST Bootle overcome Shaftesbury (Wallasey) 4-2.
The gayal (Bos frontalis), also called mithan or mithun, is found in China only in the Dulong River and Nujiang River Basin in Yunnan Province, and in Menyu and Luoyu regions of the Tibet Autonomous Region where the altitude ranges between 1,500 M-4,100 M.
The Santa Monica Police Department are investigating whether Bradford was involved in the slaying of Patricia Dulong, 33, last seen in the beachside town.
And police in nearby Santa Monica are examining his possible links to the murder of Patricia Dulong, 33.