Benedict, 18th-century British oculist. See: Duddell membrane.
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British singer Alison Moyet performed the live soundtrack to the show, accompanied by a 32-piece orchestra conducted by Joe Duddell from an orchestra pit in the centre of the runway.
He also has another top secret project nearing completion with A Comfortable Man collaborator Joe Duddell (Elbow, James, Orchestra Halle), and the newly energised Smyth has discovered several new strings to his new creative life.
House, 11 Duddell (registered office for legal entities)
To register contact Kate Duddell on 07964757282 or email kate.
Where: Duddell's, 3-4/F, Shanghai Tang Mansion, 1 Duddell Street, Central, Hong Kong; www.
Stuart Duddell, from West Mercia Police, said: "Hesketh has paid a high price for that betrayal of trust.
Lee Duddell, Head of User Experience and Founder of user testing company WhatUsersDo, said: "The digital landscape is changing faster than it ever has and is becoming more complex.
You collaborated with composer Joe Duddell and the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra on the Dubstep Symphony.
After one incomprehensible grunt of appreciation from somewhere in the audience, Booth turns to composer/ conductor Joe Duddell and says: "You don't get that at a classical concert, do you?
Titled an Evening with James with the Orchestra Of The Swan and the Manchester Consort Choir - orchestrated and conducted by Joe Duddell, the tour started last Sunday and visits the Gateshead Sage on Wednesday, November 2.
Billed as An Evening with James, this was an opportunity to set the record straight to illuminate a varied cross-section of songs from their back catalogue and have them beautifully interpreted by the 22-piece Orchestra Of The Swan and 16-strong choir from the Manchester Consort; all the pieces conducted by classical composer and recent Elbow collaborator Joe Duddell.
The 22-piece chamber orchestra and a 16-piece choir from the Manchester Consort met up with the band at Salford University to try out new arrangements under the direction of composer and conductor Joe Duddell.