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For example, Dubos (1979a) says that health is "not a state but a potentiality" (p.
Barzini probably amused him; Dubos in his humanistic biology and intense workman-like habit in writing would surely earn his respect.
Rene Dubos once wrote movingly of the "mirage of health.
The Little Prince By Delphine Dubos Adapted by Guillaume Dorison Art by Elyum Studio
and "Per the phrase coined by environmentalist Rene Dubos, you should "think globally" and do what?
Rous' colleagues, including the scientists Rene Dubos and Charles B.
8220;We are delighted of having our products distributed by the main Japanese supplier of high-value-added electronic products,” said Laurent Dubos, Marketing & Sales Director for IPDiA.
I am using as my crystal ball a book by Rene Dubos (1901-1982) called Mirage of Health (1959).
Rene Dubos also found that the short, frail-looking Guatemalan natives were very strong, healthy, and long-lived.
Starting with Renee Dubos in the 1960s (Dubos et al.
Study participants were a total of 699 consecutive patients with acute dyspnea who were referred to the emergency department in 1 of 3 participating hospitals (CHR Rene Dubos, Pontoise; CHU Beaujon, Clichy; and CHU Ambroise Pare, Boulogne in the Paris suburbs) from September 23, 2003 to February 23, 2005.
Some of these important figures included Seamus McManus, Martin D'Arch, Charles DuBos, Jacques Maritain, and his wife, Raissa.