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Eugene F., U.S. physiologist, 1882-1959. See: DuBois formula, Aub-DuBois table.


Paul A., French obstetrician, 1795-1871. See: Dubois abscesses, Dubois disease.
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DuBois, a graduate of Princeton University, served in the U.
Most recently, E-TEK said DuBois served as the east coast sales director for IdaTech.
According to DuBois ([1899] 1996), this was generally true prior to the mid 1800's when the influx of Southern migrants began to overwhelm the people of the city.
When we started doing public protests to stop the cutbacks in veterans' services at Sepulveda, I'd call vets and ask them to join us on the picket line,'' Dubois said.
In addition to bringing more minorities and women into the profession, Dubois believes the profession has a responsibility to provide opportunities for them to move into leadership positions.
5 billion insurance settlement that would be paid in installments during the rebuild process, according to the Wilprop form, the form it claims was in force and defines the attacks as one incident, said Dubois.
Dubois is perhaps best known for his massive thesis on the theory of history in the French Renaissance as well as for his foundation and direction of an interdisciplinary research center on the literary imagination which has for the last twenty years hosted many international conferences and published many important collections of essays.
By the time he was 8, the younger Dubois wanted to be a boxer, too.
After hearing heartbreaking stories of Cuban hospitals with broken dialysis machines, Ontario businessman John Dubois decided to hunt for a hospital to ship older but still-functioning machines to Havana.
Darin Dubois has been appointed to the position of systems engineer, and Edward Prinsen II has been named service technician.
IIT was rather a mixed weekend for Jean-Pierre Dubois.