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Eugene F., U.S. physiologist, 1882-1959. See: DuBois formula, Aub-DuBois table.


Paul A., French obstetrician, 1795-1871. See: Dubois abscesses, Dubois disease.
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Dubois currently serves as the co-chair of the Anti-corruption Committee of the International Bar Association, and previously served in the same capacity for the American Bar Associations Section of International Law.
Dubois has recreated tiny details from the film, and has even gone as far as adding a tennis racket strewn with spaghetti in reference to a famous scene from the movie in which Lemmon's character, lacking a colander, uses a tennis racket to strain spaghetti.
The story of the boutique began when a 16-year-old DuBois arrived at Oxford University for a summer program.
Para evaluar la relacion entre dos variables, se utilizo el metodo de regresion linear simples, siendo la formula de Dubois y Dubois el parametro de referencia.
But Americans United suspects DuBois may have used his time on the taxpayer-funded clock to nurture Obama's religious interests.
Dubois, who has previously worked her gift-giving magic at Dubai International Film Festival, travels the world looking
In this role, Dubois is expected to enhance operating performance, strengthen customer service and build shareholder value and he has been advising the company on business strategy and financial operations since January 2013.
DuBois added that Obama prioritized the poor and vulnerable and making sure to spend time with his own family.
In a tweet, DuBois responded by saying: "Humbled beyond words.
DuBois chooses to focus on the influence of religion on both Chinese and Japanese history as the target of inquiry, and points out three important characteristics of their religions at the outset of his book: first, the religion that caught the attention of Japanese elite was Buddhism whereas in China, it was Confucianism.
She understands that one can read in a variety of different ways, and she helps Dubois understand that, too.